Aggregate Functions

The following aggregate functions are available:

Function Examples Description
Count( expression ) Count( Fax ) or Count( * ) Counts all of the non null items of expression. Use a "*" for counting all items of the record set.
Sum( expression ) Sum( LineTotal ) or Sum( Multiply( UnitPrice, Quantity ) ) Sums all of the expression values.
First( expression ) First( Fax ) Returns the first expression value of all items of the record set.
Last( expression ) Last( Fax ) Returns the last expression value of all items of the record set.
Mean( expression ) Mean( Quantity ) Returns the average of all of the expression values.
Median( expression ) Median( ProductName ) Returns the median expression value.
Mode( expression ) Mode( Marks ) Returns the least most frequent expression value.
Max( expression ) Max( Quantity ) Returns the maximum expression value.
Min( expression ) Min( Quantity ) Returns the minimum expression value.
StDev( expression ) StDev( Quantity ) Returns the standard deviation of a numeric expression evaluated over a set.

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