Fixed Pages

A Document may contain both Reports as well as fixed Pages. These fixed or static pages can be added before or after any Report (within the same Document). These pages could be used to add an introduction or cover page to a report or could be used as a final or conclusion page. A Page is different than a Report in that a Page will only display one physical page in the output PDF where the Report can be any number of pages in the output PDF based on the length of the data used to layout the report. Fixed pages can also be added between multiple reports within the same document. 

By default a Fixed Page contains a blank background. However, specifying a TemplatePath to an existing PDF and TemplatePageNumber will result in the Fixed Page using the existing PDF as the background. This becomes useful in situations where you wish to overlay content on an existing PDF page.

A Page has the following properties:


Properties Description
Id A value indicating the programmatic identifier of the Page.
BottomMargin A value indicating the bottom margin of the Page.
LeftMargin A value indicating the left margin of the Page.
PageHeight A value indicating the height of the entire Page.
PageOrientation A value indicating the page orientation of the Page.
PageSize A value indicating the size of the Page.
PageWidth A value indicating the width of the Page.
RightMargin A value indicating the right margin of the Page.
TopMargin A value indicating the top margin of the Page.
TemplatePageNumber A value indicating the page to use from the PDF file specified in TemplatePath as the template for the Page.
TemplatePath A value indicating the path to a PDF file to be used as a template for the Page.

Figure 1 – Adding a New Page to a Document

Changing a Page's Position or Removing a Page

A new Page is always added to the end of the Document. Right-click on the Page’s blue tab on the left edge of the Design screen to reveal a context menu for moving the Page up in the Document (“Move Up”), moving the Page down in the Document (“Move Down”) and for removing the Page completely from the Document (“Remove Page”). Alternatively, Pages can be dragged and dropped into position. With a left mouse click and hold on the blue Page tab on the left side of the Design layout the Page can then be dragged up or down into the correct position.

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