Report Properties

The report has the following properties.

Properties Description
DetailHeight A value indicating the height of the detail section of the report.
FooterHeight A value indicating the height of the footer section of the report.
HeaderHeight A value indicating the height of the header section of the report.
Id A value indicating the programmatic identifier of the Report.
BottomMargin A value indicating the bottom margin of the report.
ColumnLayout A value indicating how the data in the columns will be laid out.
ColumnSpacing A value indicating the amount of space between columns.
Columns A value indicating the number of columns the report will have.
DataName The name of the data that the report will be based on. If the data is a single object (or record), the detail section will only be displayed once. If it is a list or collection, the detail section will be displayed once for each object in the list.
LeftMargin A value indicating the left margin of the report.
PageHeight A value indicating the height of the entire report.
PageOrientation A value indicating the page orientation of the report.
PageSize A value indicating the size of the report.
PageWidth A value indicating the width of the report.
RightMargin A value indicating the right margin of the report.
RowSpacing A value indicating the amount of space between consecutive rows in the report.
TopMargin A value indicating the top margin of the report.

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