A SoftBreak in a page controls an exact position where a report's Detail section can be split. If the Detail section reaches a point where a split should occur, it considers the SoftBreak control's location as a split point. A SoftBreak is only considered when the Detail section’s autoSplit property is set to false.

Refer to SoftBreak layout element for a GitHub example. Also refer to the SoftBreak and NoSplitZone example for an illustration of how to use this element.

Add a SoftBreak to a report's details by right clicking anywhere in the Detail section, and selecting Add Soft Break from the context menu.

Figure 1. Add a SoftBreak to a report by selecting Add Soft Break.

Remember, the Detail section's autoSplit property must be set to false for a Soft Break to have any effect.

For example, adding a SoftBreak to Detail1 asks Designer (not tells - contrast this to the PageBreak control) to insert a page break at the specified location.

Figure 2. An example of using a SoftBreak layout element.


Property Description
id A value indicating the programmatic identifier of the SoftBreak.
y A value indicating the Y coordinate of the SoftBreak.

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