Specifying Data Value Names

When specifying the data to be used in a Report Element (like RecordBox or RecordArea) or in any Expression the name of the data must be specified. The name will first be checked for in the same case (capitalization) as specified, but if it is now found a case insensitive match will be used. If the value is not found, it will be searched for on parent elements recursively. Data is passed in when the PDF is laid out through the Layout method. Please see the LayoutData topic for more details.

Referencing the Data Value Name

Using the data value name RecordBox can be done by just specifying the actual name in the DataName property of the RecordBox, for example:


Using the data value name in a RecordArea or FormattedRecordArea can be done by placing the column name inside of the pound sign (#) in the elements Text property, for example:

Hello #ColumnName#,

Data value names can also be used in Expressions. Please see that section for examples.

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