Asynchronous Conversion

Converting HTML to a PDF asynchronously uses the Converter.ConvertAsync method and, like they synchronous method, offers two overloaded options for converting either a URL or HTML text.

Web URL to PDF

Converting HTML to PDF using a URL requires passing a URL and an output path for the converted PDF to the Converter.ConvertAsync method. The following C# and VB .NET example illustrates.

Converter.ConvertAsync(new Uri(""), "output.pdf");
Converter.ConvertAsync(New Uri(""), "output.pdf")

HTML string to PDF

Converting an HTML string to an output file path asynchronously is also straight-forward, as the following C# and VB .NET examples illustrate.

Converter.ConvertAsync(htmlString, "output.pdf");
Converter.ConvertAsync(htmlString, "output.pdf")

Converting to a Byte Array

Converting to a byte array is accomplished using the Converter.ConvertAsync method, only it returns a byte array rather than a file. The following example illustrates.

byte[] vals = await Converter.ConvertAsync(resolvePath);
Dim vals As Byte() = Await Converter.ConvertAsync(resolvePath)

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