Simple Example

Creating an application that includes a PdfViewer control is straightforward. Consider the following instructions for creating a simple Visual Studio 2010, C# Windows Form Application. First ensure you install the latest version of DynamicPDF Viewer for .NET evaluation. You can download and install the MSI from the DynamicPDF website (

NOTE: Many other examples (including full source code) are included in the PDFViewer control to help you evaluate the product.

Perform the following steps to create a simple application using the DyamicPDF Viewer control.

1. Create or open a C# Windows Form application in Visual Studio.

2. Open the Toolbox (Ctrl + Alt + X).

3. From the Toolbox (in the “General” section) add the “PdfViewer” control to the Windows form.

4. Select the control and set its Name property to "pdfViewer".

5. Re-size, position and set any additional properties as needed.

6. Double-click on any empty area of the form and add the following line of code to the Form_Load method: pdfViewer.Open(pdfFilePath); (ensure the file path is to a valid PDF document).

7. Run the application to view the PDF specified in step 6 appear on the form.

NOTE: These instructions work should work with older Visual Studio versions, although you might notice a few slight differences.

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