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  • Windows Form PDF Viewer

  • Customizable and embeddable

  • Accurate PDF rendering with a lightweight footprint

  • Unlimited (Royalty free) Distribution options

Software developers can take our customizable .NET control, DynamicPDF Viewer, and fully embed it into any .NET WinForm application. No longer rely on an external viewer for displaying or interacting with your PDF documents. DynamicPDF Viewer is efficient, reliable and compatible with all our other DynamicPDF products. With a Free Evaluation Edition to try, why not start using DynamicPDF Viewer Today!

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You can purchase our products through this website. Click on the “Purchase” button next to the product that you would like to purchase and the product will be added to your shopping cart. A full featured Evaluation Edition can be downloaded by clicking on "Start Download" above.

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DynamicPDF Viewer v3.0 for .NETLicenseMaintenance 
Developer License (100% Royalty Free Distribution)$1,499.00$699.00 Purchase

* We offer a 30% discount when you purchase 5 to 9 developer licenses and a 50% discount when you purchase 10 or more developer licenses.

Developer Licensing

Developer based licensing is intended for developers who wish to distribute our software to a large number of clients. It allows one developer to develop applications that use our product and distribute them as per the distribution limit specified on the license. Our assemblies can easily be deployed with another application using XCOPY or a setup program.

Annual Maintenance Plan

  • Priority E-Mail Support (<2 hour response*)
  • Telephone Support
  • Major Version Upgrades (i.e. v7.0 to v8.0)
  • 100% Credit On Permitted Upgrades Between DynamicPDF for .NET Products (i.e. Professional Server to Enterprise Server)
  • Priority Access To Beta Software

Free Standard Support

All of our product licenses come with free standard support. Standard support includes:

  • E-Mail Support (<24 hour response*)
  • Minor Version Updates (Bug Fixes)
  • Access to User Support Forums

*During business hours 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday Eastern Time US.

Upgrade Pricing

Logging into the Customer Area using your existing serial number will reveal all upgrade options and real-time prices related to that serial number.

Upgrade information is summarized as follows.

  • Permitted upgrades are within the same platform.
  • Any upgrades within the current major version provide an 80% credit (of original price paid)
  • Any upgrades from 1 major version back provide a 50% credit (of original price paid)
  • Any upgrades from 2 major versions back provide a 25% credit (of original price paid)
  • Adding Maintenance can be done within 30 days of original purchase

Please contact if there are any additional questions or for upgrading multiple licenses.

Educational Institution Pricing

ceTe Software is a strong believer in the power of education to make a difference in our world. We are pleased to offer a 50% discount on all of our products to educational institutions. Please contact for details on Educational Institution Pricing.

Refer to our Help Library and API Reference for more programming details.

Open a PDF File

The following example demonstrates how to open a PDF from a file path.


Open a PDF Byte Array

The following example demonstrates how to open a PDF from a byte array.

PdfDocument pdfDocument = new PdfDocument(pdfBytes);
Dim pdfDocument as PdfDocument = New PdfDocument(pdfBytes)

Open an Encrypted PDF

The following example demonstrates how to open a password protected PDF.

PdfDocument pdfDocument = new PdfDocument(@"C:\MyDocument.pdf", "password");
Dim pdfDocument as PdfDocument = New PdfDocument("C:\MyDocument.pdf", "password")

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