We appreciate your willingness to take part in this beta testing. Please contact support@dynamicpdf.com with any questions or issues related to the beta release.

DynamicPDF CoreSuite for .NET v11.01 BETA Download

DynamicPDF CoreSuite for .NET v11.01 BETA Documentation

New features in DynamicPDF CoreSuite for .NET v11.01 BETA
  • Page element placement can now be relative to different locations on a page
  • Added support for right to left text and character shaping for ReportWriter (LayoutEngine) elements
  • Added Ability to auto rotate page elements with a page's rotate value
  • Combined PageDimentions and ExtendedPageDimensions into AutoPageDimensions for simplified usage
  • Added font sharing for TrueType and Type0 fonts.
  • Added a Polygon page element
  • Added support for merging PDFs up to 9.3GB in size
  • Added support to extract images from a PDF
  • Added support for adding BMP images with the .NET Standard (.NET Core) DLL
  • Logical structure tags are updated HTML elements
  • Enhanced support for modifying the page size of an existing page
  • The native library is no longer needed for processing font shaping
  • Added support to use WOFF fonts
  • Added the ability to retrieve custom properties from an existing PDF
  • Supports generating PDF documents of size upto 9.3GB
  • Supports incremental updates with multiple digital signatures
  • Added support for true type collection (TTC) fonts
Upgrade Enquiry

If you have any questions regarding upgrading to v11.01 when it is released, please contact sales@dynamicpdf.com with your existing product serial number for upgrade options.