Generator for COM/ActiveX

In this example, a PDF invoice is generated on the fly using several different page elements (Label, Image, TextArea, Rectangle, Line, Barcode etc.). Template class is used to add data (company logo, address etc.) that is common to all pages and page numbers are added using PageNumberingLabel element.

   Mailing Labels

In this example, TextArea page element is used to create Avery 5160 labels with data retrieved from a database. This is a good example that illustrates how to use the DynamicPDF API to place text at a desired location on the PDF page.

   Hello World Languages

This example demonstrates the font capabilities of DynamicPDF API. Several different fonts are used to add text to the PDF in various languages. In order to view the PDF generated by this example Acrobat Asian Font Pack is required.

   Simple PDF Report

In this example, a basic PDF report that displays a list of products is generated with data retrieved from Northwind database. Template class is used to add the report header on all pages and Rectangle and Label page elements are used to add the products details.

   Digital Signatures

Digitally signed PDFs can be easily generated with a few lines of code. In this example a Signature field is added to the PDF and the digital signature is applied using a Personal Information Exchange (.pfx) file.

   Merger for COM/ActiveX
   PDF Form Filling

An Acro PDF form can be opened and form fields collection can be easily accessed and filled. In this example, input to an HTML form is used to fill the PDF form fields on the server and the resulting PDF is streamed back to the browser.

   Invoice with PDF Template

This example demonstrates how to use an existing PDF document as a template to generate an invoice. Data is retrieved from the Northwind database and is placed on top of the existing PDF using Label and TextArea page elements.

   Import, Rotate and Place PDF Pages

In this example, ImportedPageArea class is used to import multiple pages from an existing PDF. The pages are then rotated and placed on a single page and saved as a separate PDF.

   Text Extraction

Extracting text from an existing PDF can be easily done using the PdfDocument class. Read in the PDF using the PdfDocument class and call GetText() method to extract text content from the PDF as shown in this example.

   ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX
ReportWriter generates PDFs on the fly based on a dplx template that can be created using DynamicPDF Designer tool that is provided with the product.Examples listed below use different dplx templates to demonstrate various features.

   Simple Report

This example uses a template that has a datasource and a select query specified to retrieve a list of products dynamically from Northwind database. Dplx template also supports retrieving data using a stored procedure in place of the select query.

   Sales By Region

In this example the dplx template uses a sub-report element to display sales for different regions. Select query on the main report retrieves a list of regions and the sub-report select query takes the region name as a parameter to display region sales in a separate table.

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