getting message Evaluating unlicensed DynamicPDF feature. Click here for details. [13:0:d5:v7.0]

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I have an an application on server which I am testing for two DBs. One is with Unicode characters and other one is for non Unicode characters. When we are generating PDF on normal(non Unicode character) DB. PDF is getting generated fine however when we connected to DB where we have Unicode characters we are getting message on header "Evaluating unlicensed DynamicPDF feature. Click here for details. [13:0:d5:v7.0]" and in footer it is showing "DynamicPDF for .NET v7.0.1.40 (Build 21938)".

Also, its showing dynamic PDF watermark in background. We are not sure if this is related to unicode or not. However just mentioned as one of our DBs where issue is occurring using Unicode characters.

Can you please help with this.
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator

The watermark numbers [13:0:d5:v7.0] indicate that you are applying license keys to version 7, but they are either for a lower version (v6.X or lower) or a different product. If you continue to have problems, please send an email to support and we'll work with you to get this resolved:
ceTe Software Support Team

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