The Aztec barcode is a two-dimensional matrix symbology whose symbols are nominally square, made up of square modules on a square grid, with a square bullseye pattern at their center. The Aztec class in DynamicBarcode Creator represents the Aztec barcode. The following example illustrates.

Aztec barcode = new Aztec("Hello World", AztecSymbolSize.Full);
barcode.Draw(pngFilePath, 300, ImageFormat.Png);   
Dim barcode As Aztec = New Aztec("Hello World", AztecSymbolSize.Full)
barcode.Draw(pngFilePath, 300, ImageFormat.Png)

Error Correction

The Aztec barcode default error correction value is 23% but can be set between 5% and 95% using the Aztec class's ErrorCorrection property.

Reader Initialization Symbol

You can also generate reader initialization using the IsReaderInitializationSymbol property. This property initializes the Aztec symbols. The symbol size must be one of the following: R15xC15 Compact, R19xC19, R23xC23, R27xC27, R31xC31, R37xC37, R41xC41, R45xC45, R49xC49, R53xC53, R57xC57, R61xC61, R67xC67, R71xC71, R75xC75, R79xC79, R83xC83, R87xC87, R91xC91, R95xC95, R101xC101, R105xC105, R109xC109. These symbol sizes are supported using the AztecSymbolSize enumeration when setting the property.

Leave the IsReaderInitializationSymbol setting to Auto unless advanced configuration is required.

ECI Character Support

The Aztec barcode also supports adding ECI text to the barcode using the ~2 prefix to the ECI number. To accomplish this addition, set the ProcessTilde property value to true.

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