AztecSymbolSize Enum

Represents Aztec symbol sizes.

public enum AztecSymbolSize
Public Enum AztecSymbolSize

Inheritance: ObjectValueTypeEnumAztecSymbolSize


AztecSymbolSize.Auto0Size Auto.
AztecSymbolSize.Compact2Compact size Aztec.
AztecSymbolSize.Full1Full size Aztec.
AztecSymbolSize.R101xC10127101 Rows by 101 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R105xC10528105 Rows by 105 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R109xC10929109 Rows by 109 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R113xC11330113 Rows by 113 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R117xC11731117 Rows by 117 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R121xC12132121 Rows by 121 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R125xC12533125 Rows by 125 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R131xC13134131 Rows by 131 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R135xC13535135 Rows by 135 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R139xC13936139 Rows by 139 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R143xC14337143 Rows by 143 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R147xC14738147 Rows by 147 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R151xC15139151 Rows by 151 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R15xC15Compact415 Rows by 15 Columns, Compact size.
AztecSymbolSize.R19xC19619 Rows by 19 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R19xC19Compact519 Rows by 19 Columns, Compact size.
AztecSymbolSize.R23xC23823 Rows by 23 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R23xC23Compact723 Rows by 23 Columns, Compact size.
AztecSymbolSize.R27xC271027 Rows by 27 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R27xC27Compact927 Rows by 27 Columns, Compact size.
AztecSymbolSize.R31xC311131 Rows by 31 Column.
AztecSymbolSize.R37xC371237 Rows by 37 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R41xC411341 Rows by 41 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R45xC451445 Rows by 45 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R49xC491549 Rows by 49 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R53xC531653 Rows by 53 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R57xC571757 Rows by 57 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R61xC611861 Rows by 61 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R67xC671967 Rows by 67 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R71xC712071 Rows by 71 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R75xC752175 Rows by 75 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R79xC792279 Rows by 79 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R83xC832383 Rows by 83 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R87xC872487 Rows by 87 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R91xC912591 Rows by 91 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.R95xC952695 Rows by 95 Columns.
AztecSymbolSize.Rune3Aztec Runes.

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