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AustraliaPostRepresents an Australia Post barcode.
AztecRepresents a Aztec barcode.
BarcodeBase class from which all barcode classes are derived.
BarcodeExceptionThe exception that is thrown for a barcoding error.
BarcodeExceptionRaisedEventArgsProvides data for the event that is raised when there is an exception.
BmpColorFormatBase class that represents an color format supported by BMP image format.
BmpImageFormatRepresents a BMP image format.
BmpMonochromeColorFormatRepresents a BMP Monochrome color format.
BmpRgbColorFormatRepresents a RGB color format supported by BMP image.
CodabarRepresents a Codabar barcode.
Code11Represents a Code11 barcode.
Code128Represents a Code128 barcode.
Code25Represents a Code 2 of 5 barcode.
Code39Represents a Code39 barcode.
Code93Represents a Code93 barcode.
ColorRepresents a Color class.
DataMatrixBarcodeRepresents a DataMatrix barcode.
DeutschePostIdentcodeRepresents a DeutschePostIdentcode barcode.
DeutschePostLeitcodeRepresents a DeutschePostLeitcode barcode.
Ean13Represents an EAN/JAN 13 barcode.
Ean13Supplement2Represents an EAN/JAN 13, 2 digit supplement barcode.
Ean13Supplement5Represents an EAN/JAN 13, 5 digit supplement barcode.
Ean14Represents a Ean14 barcode.
Ean8Represents an EAN/JAN 8 barcode.
Ean8Supplement2Represents an EAN/JAN 8, 2 digit supplement barcode.
Ean8Supplement5Represents an EAN/JAN 8, 5 digit supplement barcode.
ExcessDataExceptionThe exception is thrown when data exceeds capacity of barcode.
GifImageFormatRepresents a GIF image format.
GS1DataBarRepresents a GS1DataBar barcode.
Iata25Represents an Iata25 barcode.
ImageExceptionThe exception that is thrown for an image error.
ImageFormatBase class that represents an image format.
IntelligentMailBarcodeRepresents a Intelligent mail barcode.
Interleaved25Represents a Interleaved25 barcode.
InvalidFormatExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an invalid data format is specified(ex: wrong ECI number format).
InvalidSizeExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an invalid barcode size specified or the given size is not sufficient for the data.
InvalidValueExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an invalid barcode value exists.
IsbnRepresents an ISBN barcode.
IsbnSupplement2Represents an IsbnSupplement2, 2 digit supplement ISBN barcode.
IsbnSupplement5Represents an ISBN, 5 digit supplement barcode.
IsmnRepresents an ISMN barcode.
IsmnSupplement2Represents an IsmnSupplement2, 2 digit supplement ISMN barcode.
IsmnSupplement5Represents an ISMN, 5 digit supplement barcode.
IssnRepresents an ISSN barcode.
IssnSupplement2Represents an IssnSupplement2, 2 digit supplement ISSN barcode.
IssnSupplement5Represents an ISSN, 5 digit supplement barcode.
Itf14Represents a Itf14 barcode.
JpegImageFormatRepresents a JPEG image format.
KixRepresents a Kix(Royal TNT Post) barcode.
LicensingExceptionRepresents a licensing exception.
LinearBarcodeBase class from which all linear barcodes are derived.
MacroPdf417Represents a MacroPdf417 barcode.
MarginRepresents margin of the barcode.
MarginConverterMargin converter.
MsiBarcodeRepresents a MSI barcode (also known as Modified Plessey).
Pdf417Represents a Pdf417 barcode.
PngColorFormatBase class that represents an color format supported by PNG image format.
PngGrayscaleColorFormatRepresents a grayscale color format supported by PNG.
PngImageFormatRepresents a PNG image format.
PngIndexedColorFormatRepresents a indexed color format supported by PNG.
PngMonochromeColorFormatRepresents a monochrome color format supported by PNG.
PngRgbaColorFormatRepresents a RGBA color format supported by PNG.
PngRgbColorFormatRepresents a RGB color format supported by PNG.
PostnetRepresents a Postnet barcode.
QRCodeRepresents a QR code barcode.
Rgb24Represents a Rgb24 class.
Rgba32Represents a Rgba32 class.
Rm4sccRepresents a RM4SCC(Royal Mail) barcode.
SingaporePostRepresents a SingaporePost barcode.
StackedGS1DataBarRepresents a StackedGS1DataBar barcode.
TextBarcodeBase class from which barcode that display text are derived.
UpcARepresents a UPC version A barcode.
UpcASupplement2Represents a UPC version A, 2 digit supplement barcode.
UpcASupplement5Represents a UPC version A, 5 digit supplement barcode.
UpcBaseBase class from which UPC, EAN, and JAN barcode are derived.
UpcERepresents a UPC version E barcode.
UpcESupplement2Represents a UPC version E, 2 digit supplement barcode.
UpcESupplement5Represents a UPC version E, 5 digit supplement barcode.


SizeStores the height and width.


AlignSpecifies horizontal alignment of barcode text.
AustraliaPostEncodingTypeSpecifies the encoding table to be used to encode the Customer data.
AztecSymbolSizeRepresents Aztec symbol sizes.
CalculateSpecifies calculation type for Postnet barcodes.
DataMatrixEncodingTypeRepresents Encoding types of Data Matrix barcode.
DataMatrixFunctionCharacterRepresents function characters of Data Matrix barcode.
DataMatrixSymbolSizeRepresents symbol size of Data Matrix barcode.
GS1DataBarTypeRepresents GS1 DataBar types.
LinearBarcodeTypeSpecifies barcode type.
MailerIDLengthSpecifies mailer ID length for Intelligent Mail Barcode.
MsiBarcodeCheckDigitModeMSI Barcode check digit modes.
Pdf417CompactionThe type of Compaction to encode.
Pdf417ErrorCorrectionLevelRepresents error correction levels of Pdf417.
QRCodeEncodingRepresents Encoding types of QR code.
QRCodeErrorCorrectionLevelRepresents error correction levels of QR code.
QRCodeFnc1Represents FNC1 types of QR code.
QRCodeVersionThe QR code version to use.
StackedGS1DataBarTypeRepresents stacked GS1 DataBar types.
UnitOfMeasurementRepresents barcode unit of measurement.


BarcodeExceptionRaisedEventHandlerEvent handler for barcode exception.

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