DataMatrixSymbolSize Enum

Represents symbol size of Data Matrix barcode.

public enum DataMatrixSymbolSize
Public Enum DataMatrixSymbolSize

Inheritance: ObjectValueTypeEnumDataMatrixSymbolSize


DataMatrixSymbolSize.Auto0Calculates symbol size based on the value.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R104xC10421104 rows by 104 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R10xC10110 rows by 10 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R120xC12022120 rows by 120 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R12xC12212 rows by 12 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R12xC262712 rows by 26 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R12xC362812 rows by 36 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R132xC13223132 rows by 132 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R144xC14424144 rows by 144 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R14xC14314 rows by 14 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R16xC16416 rows by 16 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R16xC362916 rows by 36 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R16xC483016 rows by 48 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R18xC18518 rows by 18 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R20xC20620 rows by 20 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R22xC22722 rows by 22 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R24xC24824 rows by 24 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R26xC26926 rows by 26 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R32xC321032 rows by 32 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R36xC361136 rows by 36 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R40xC401240 rows by 40 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R44xC441344 rows by 44 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R48xC481448 rows by 48 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R52xC521552 rows by 52 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R64xC641664 rows by 64 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R72xC721772 rows by 72 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R80xC801880 rows by 80 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R88xC881988 rows by 88 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R8xC18258 rows by 18 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R8xC32268 rows by 32 columns.
DataMatrixSymbolSize.R96xC962096 rows by 96 columns.

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