QRCodeEncoding Enum

Represents Encoding types of QR code.

public enum QRCodeEncoding
Public Enum QRCodeEncoding

Inheritance: ObjectValueTypeEnumQRCodeEncoding


QRCodeEncoding.Alphanumeric1Alphanumeric encoding allows digits 0-9, upper case letters (no lower case) and the following special characters: space,$,%,*,+,-,.,/,:.
QRCodeEncoding.Auto4Automatically selects the encoding mode depending on the content.
QRCodeEncoding.Byte2Byte encoding allows all types of characters.
QRCodeEncoding.Kanji3Kanji encoding allows only Kanji characters.
QRCodeEncoding.Numeric0Numeric encoding allows digits 0-9.

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This enum is a DynamicBarcode Creator feature. One of the following is required for non-evaluation usage:

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