BlendMode Enum

The type of blending to use.

public enum BlendMode
Public Enum BlendMode

Inheritance: ObjectValueTypeEnumBlendMode


BlendMode.ColorBurn7Color Burn blending.
BlendMode.ColorDodge6Color Dodge blending.
BlendMode.Darken4Darken blending.
BlendMode.Difference10Difference blending.
BlendMode.Exclusion11Exclusion blending.
BlendMode.HardLight8Hard Light blending.
BlendMode.Lighten5Lighten blending.
BlendMode.Multiply1Multiply blending.
BlendMode.Normal0Normal blending.
BlendMode.Overlay3Overlay blending.
BlendMode.Screen2Screen blending.
BlendMode.SoftLight9Soft Light blending.

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