ceTe.DynamicPDF Namespace


ActionBase class representing a destination or action.
AnnotationRepresents an annotation resource.
AnnotationReaderEventsRepresents annotation reader events.
AnnotationShowHideActionRepresents an annotation show hide action.
AreaDimensionsBase class representing the dimensions of an area.
ArtifactRepresents an artifact.
AttributeClassRepresents a attribute class.
AttributeClassListRepresents a AttributeClassList.
AttributeObjectRepresents an attribute object.
AttributeTypeRepresents an attribute type.
AttributeTypeListRepresents a AttributeTypeList.
AutoBodyDimensionsRepresents the dimensions of the areas body.
AutoEdgeDimensionsRepresents the dimensions of the areas edge.
AutoGradientRepresents an automatically calculated gradient pattern.
AutoInheritableDimensionsRepresents the dimensions of a rectangle.
AutoMediaBoxDimensionsRepresents the media box dimensions of the page.
AutoPageDimensionsRepresents the dimensions of a page.
BoundingBoxRepresents a bounding box.
CertificateRepresents a digital certificate.
CmykColorRepresents a CMYK color.
ColorBase class representing color.
ColorSpaceRepresents a color space resource for a color.
CustomPropertyListRepresent document custom property list.
DestinationBase class from which destinations are derived.
DeviceColorRepresents the base class for which all solid colors are derived.
DimensionsRepresents the dimensions of a rectangle.
DiskBufferingOptionsRepresents a disk buffering options.
DocumentRepresents a PDF Document.
DocumentJavaScriptRepresents a PDF document's JavaScript entry.
DocumentJavaScriptListRepresents a list of JavaScript entries.
DocumentOptimizationRepresents document optimization.
DocumentPackageRepresents a package PDF.
DocumentReaderEventsRepresents document reader events.
EmbeddedFileRepresents a PDF document's EmbeddedFile(attachment) entry.
EmbeddedFileListRepresents a list of EmbeddedFiles(attachments).
EmbeddedFileResourceRepresents EmbeddedFile resource
EmptyDocumentExceptionThe exception that is thrown if the document does not have any pages.
EvenOddTemplateRepresents an even / odd section or document template.
ExtendedPageDimensionsRepresents the extended dimensions of a page.
FileOpenActionRepresents a file open action.
FontBase class from which all fonts are derived.
FontFamilyRepresents a font family.
FooterHtmlLayoutRepresents a footer html layout of the page element.
GeneratorExceptionThe exception that is thrown if issues are there while creating a PDF.
GlobalSettingsRepresents the class that contains the global settings used by the library.
GoToActionRepresents a goto action.
GradientRepresents a gradient pattern.
GrayscaleRepresents a grayscale color.
HeaderFooterHtmlLayoutElementRepresents a header footer html layout element of the HeaderHtmlLayout and FooterHtmlLayout .
HeaderFooterTemplateRepresents a Header Footer Template of the page element.
HeaderFooterTextRepresents a Header Footer Text of the page element.
HeaderHtmlLayoutRepresents a header html layout of the page element.
HtmlLayoutRepresents a html layout of the document.
IccProfileRepresents an ICC profile resource.
ImportFormDataActionRepresents an import form data action.
InheritableDimensionsRepresents the dimensions of a rectangle.
JavaScriptActionRepresents a JavaScript action.
JavaScriptResourceRepresents a JavaScript resource
LineStyleRepresents a style of line.
MarkedContentTagTypeRepresents an marked content tag type.
NamedTagTypeRepresents an named tag type.
OutlineRepresents an outline.
OutlineAnnotationActionRepresents outline annotation action class.
OutlineListRepresents a collection of outlines.
OutputIntentRepresents an output intent.
OutputIntentListRepresents a collection of output intents.
PageRepresents a page.
PageDimensionsRepresents the dimensions of a page.
PageElementBase class from which all page elements are derived.
PageInfoRepresents a page information of the HTML layout.
PageListRepresents a collection of pages associated with a document.
PageReaderEventsRepresents page reader events.
PatternRepresents the base class for all pattern colors are derived.
ResourceBase class from which all resources are derived.
RgbColorRepresents an RGB color.
SectionRepresents a section associated with a document.
SectionListRepresents a collection of sections associated with a document.
SecurityBase class from which all security classes are derived.
SigningProviderRepresents Signing Provider.
SpotColorRepresents a spot color.
SpotColorInkRepresents a spot color ink.
StandardTagTypeRepresents a standard tag type.
StructureElementRepresents an structure element.
TagBase class from which tag classes are derived.
TagOptionsRepresents an tag options.
TagTypeBase class from which tag type classes are derived.
TemplateRepresents a document or section template.
TimestampExceptionThe exception that is thrown for a Time stamping error.
TimestampServerRepresents a class which contains the Timestamp Server details.
UnitConverterUtility for converting to and from typesetting points.
UrlActionRepresents an action linking to an external URL.
UserPropertyListRepresents an user properties attribute object.
ViewerPreferencesRepresents the viewer preferences for a document.
WebColorRepresents an RGB color created using the web hexadecimal convention.
XYDestinationRepresents a destination to a coordinate on a page.
ZoomDestinationRepresents a destination to a page at a given zoom.


AttachedRepresents an attached


AlignSpecifies horizontal alignment.
ArtifactTypeSpecifies the artifact type.
AttachmentLayoutSpecifies the type of attachment layout.
AttachmentListingOrderBySpecifies the order in which the attachment should be sorted.
AttributeSpecifies the attribute.
AttributeOwnerSpecifies the attribute owner.
BlendModeThe type of blending to use.
BlockAlignSpecifies block align attribute.
BorderStyleAttributeSpecifies border style attribute.
CertifyingPermissionSpecifies the Permission to Certify the document that specifies options such as allow changes, allow form filing etc.
CheckedSpecifies the state of a radio button or check box field.
DuplexSpecifies the duplex mode for the document.
EdgeSpecifies the edge.
EmbeddedFileRelationThe embedded file relationship options to the content of the PDF.
FileLaunchModeRepresents file opening mode.
InlineAlignSpecifies inline align attribute.
LineCapSpecifies the cap style of a line.
LineHeightSpecifies line height.
LineJoinSpecifies how lines are joined.
LineLeadingTypeSpecifies the line leading type.
ListNumberingSpecifies the list numbering style.
NonFullScreenPageModeSpecifies page mode when full screen mode is set on the document.
NumberingStyleSpecifies numbering style.
OutputIntentVersionSpecifies an output intent version.
PageBoundarySpecifies the boundaries of a page.
PageLayoutSpecifies page layout for the document.
PageModeSpecifies page mode.
PageOrientationSpecifies page orientation.
PageSizeSpecifies page size.
PageZoomSpecifies zoom type.
PdfFormatSpecifies the format for the PDF.
PdfVersionSpecifies a version of PDF.
PdfXVersionSpecifies the PDF/X version.
PickTrayByPdfSizeSpecifies how the printers tray is chosen.
PlacementSpecifies placement.
ResourceTypeSpecifies the resource type.
RoleSpecifies the type of form field.
RubyAlignSpecifies ruby align.
RubyPositionSpecifies ruby position.
ScopeSpecifies the scope.
SignatureTypeRepresents signature type.
SubTypeSpecifies the sub type of artifact.
TabOrderSpecifies the types of tab orders.
TextAlignSpecifies alignment of text.
TextAlignAttributeSpecifies text align attribute.
TextDecorationTypeSpecifies text decoration type.
TextRenderingModeSpecifies text rendering mode.
TextStyleSpecifies text style.
TrappedIndicates if trapping information is present.
VAlignSpecifies vertical alignment.
WritingModeSpecifies writing mode.

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