ceTe.DynamicPDF.IO Namespace


DocumentResourceListRepresents a collection of resources for a document.
DocumentWriterRepresents a writer class for a document.
EncrypterRepresents an Encrypter class used for encryption of the document.
FontSubsetterRepresents an font sub setter.
OperatorWriterClass represents the PDF operators.
PageAnnotationListRepresents a collection of annotations for a page.
PageColorSpaceListRepresents a collection of color spaces for a page.
PageExtGStateListRepresents a collection of external graphics states for a page.
PageFontListRepresents a collection of fonts for a page.
PagePatternListRepresents a collection of patterns for a page.
PagePropertiesListRepresents a collection of properties for a page.
PageResourcesRepresents a pages resources.
PageShadingListRepresents a collection of shadings for a page.
PageWriterRepresents a writer class for a page.
PageWriterStateRepresents the page writers state.
PageXObjectListRepresents a collection of XObjects for a page.

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