Represents the page writers state.

public class PageWriterState
Public Class PageWriterState

Inheritance: ObjectPageWriterState

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This class is a full DynamicPDF Core Suite feature. One of the following is required for non-evaluation usage:


PageWriterState()Initializes a new instance of the PageWriterState class.
PageWriterState(PageWriterState)Initializes a new instance of the PageWriterState class.


CharacterSpacingRepresents character spacing.
FillColorRepresents fill color.
FillColorSpaceRepresents fill color space.
Fontrepresents the Font.
FontSizeRepresents font size.
HorizontalScalingrepresents horizontal spacing.
LeadingRepresents line leading.
LineCapRepresents line cap style.
LineJoinRepresents line join style.
LineStyleRepresents line style.
LineWidthRepresents line width.
MiterLimitRepresents miter limit.
StrokeColorRepresents stroke color.
StrokeColorSpaceRepresents stroke color space.
TextRenderingModeRepresents text render mode.
TextRiserepresents text rise.
WordSpacingRepresents word spacing.


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