Base class from which x and y axes are derived.

public abstract class Axis
Public MustInherit Class Axis

Inheritance: ObjectAxis

Derived: DateTimeXAxis, DateTimeYAxis, IndexedXAxis, IndexedYAxis, NumericXAxis, NumericYAxis, PercentageXAxis, PercentageYAxis, XAxis, YAxis

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This class is a full DynamicPDF Core Suite feature. One of the following is required for non-evaluation usage:


When adding a series to the SeriesList, an axis is created. Maximum and minimum values and intervals for the axis do not need to be set, as they are calculated based on the given data. Each series will have a specific type of axis.


LabelFormatGets or sets the format of the labels.
LabelOffsetGets or sets the label offset of the axis.
LineColorGets or sets the Color object to use for the line color of the axis.
LineStyleGets or sets the LineStyle object specifying the line style of the axis.
LineWidthGets or sets the line width of the axis.
OffsetGets or sets the offset of the axis.
VisibleGets or sets the visible status of the axis. By default it is true.


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