ceTe.DynamicPDF.PageElements.Charting Namespace


AxisBase class from which x and y axes are derived.
BarColumnPercentageDataLabelRepresents the Data label position.
BarColumnValuePositionDataLabelRepresents the Data label position.
ChartRepresents a chart page element.
GridLinesBase class from which x and y grid lines are derived.
LegendRepresents a Legend.
LegendLabelRepresents a LegendLabel.
LegendLabelListRepresents a LegendLabelList class.
LegendListRepresents a list of Legends.
MarkerRepresents a Marker class.
PercentageDataLabelThis class represents the PercentageDataLabel.
PlotAreaThis can be used to place the PlotArea on the chart.
PlotAreaElementBase class from which series and series elements are derived.
PlotAreaListRepresents a list of PlotAreas in the chart.
ScalarDataLabelThis class represents the ScalarDataLabel.
SeriesBaseThe base class from which all the Series are derived.
TickMarksThe base class from which x and y TickMarks are derived.
TitleRepresents the Title.
TitleListRepresents the TitleList of the chart.
ValuePositionDataLabelThis class represents the ValuePositionDataLabel.
XYDataLabelThe base class from which data labels are derived.
XYScatterDataLabelRepresents an XYScatterDataLabel.


DataLabelAlignSpecifies alignment of the data label text.
DataLabelLocationRepresents the Bar column charts data label location.
DataLabelPositionRepresents the data label position.
DateTimeTypeRepresents the DateTimeType enumeration.
LayOutRepresents the layout.
LegendPlacementRepresents the placement of the legend.
ScalarDataLabelPositionRepresents the position of the ScalarDataLabel.

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