This can be used to place the PlotArea on the chart.

public class PlotArea
Public Class PlotArea

Inheritance: ObjectPlotArea

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A Chart can have multiple plotArea's. Each Chart has one default plotArea called DefaultPlotarea. If the Chart's Auto Layout property is true, the plot area's will occupy 65% of the Chart width.


BackgroundColorGets or sets the Color object to use for the background of the PlotArea.
BottomTitlesGets the Title object to use for the bottom title of the PlotArea.
ChartGets the Chart object of the PlotArea.
ClipToPlotAreaGets or sets the boolean value specifying whether to clip data or not. By default it is true.
HeightGets or sets the height of the PlotArea.
SeriesGets the SeriesList object contained in the PlotArea.
TopTitlesGets the Title object to use for the top title of the PlotArea.
WidthGets or sets the width of the PlotArea.
XGets or sets the X coordinate of the PlotArea.
XAxesGets the XAxisList object contained in the PlotArea.
YGets or sets the Y coordinate of the PlotArea.
YAxesGets the YAxisList object contained in the PlotArea.


Draw(PageWriter)Draws the PlotArea to the given PageWriter object.
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