IListProperties Interface

Represents the properties of the List and List item.

public interface IListProperties
Public Interface IListProperties

Inheritance: ObjectIListProperties

Derived: ListItem, OrderedSubList, SubList, UnorderedSubList

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This interface is a full DynamicPDF Core Suite feature. One of the following is required for non-evaluation usage:


BulletAlignGets the Align enumeration that specifies the Bullet alignment.
BulletAreaWidthGets the BulletAreaWidth.
BulletPrefixGet the Bullet prefix.
BulletSizeGets the BulletSize.
BulletSuffixGet the Bullet suffix.
BulletTypeGet the Bullet Numbering Style.
FontGets the font.
FontSizeGets size of the font.
LeadingGets the leading for the text.
LeftIndentGets the left indent.
LevelGets the level
ListItemBottomMarginGets the BottomMargin.
ListItemTopMarginGets the TopMargin.
ParagraphIndentGets the ParagraphIndent.
RightIndentGets the Right Indent.
RightToLeftGets a value indicating if text should be displayed right to left.
StrikeThroughGets the Strikethrough.
TextAlignGets the TextAlign enumeration that specifies the text alignment.
TextColorGets the Color .
TextOutlineColorGets the text outline Color .
TextOutlineWidthGets the text outline width.

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