ceTe.DynamicPDF.PageElements Namespace


AnchorGroupRepresents a group of elements that will be anchored.
AreaGroupRepresents a group of page elements with an area.
BackgroundImageRepresents a background image.
BookmarkRepresents a bookmark.
BorderRepresents a border with color, width and line style.
Cell2Represents a cell in the Table
Cell2ListRepresents a list of cells.
CellBorderStyleRepresents the style of the border.
CellDefaultRepresents the default value of the cell.
CellPaddingRepresents the cell padding.
CircleRepresents a circle.
Column2Represents a column in a table.
Column2ListRepresents a list of columns in a table.
ContentAreaRepresents group of content with area.
CurveFromSubPathRepresents a Bezier curve from the previous point.
CurveSubPathRepresents a Bezier curve sub path.
CurveToSubPathRepresents a Bezier curve to the next sub path.
FormattedTextAreaRepresents an area of formatted text.
FormattedTextAreaStyleRepresents an formatted text area style.
GroupRepresents a group of page elements.
ImageRepresents an image.
ImageWatermarkRepresents a Image Watermark.
LabelRepresents a label page element.
LayoutGridRepresents a layout grid.
LineRepresents a line page element.
LineSubPathRepresents a line sub path.
LinkRepresents a link with a destination or action.
ListRepresents the List.
ListItemRepresents the ListItem.
ListItemListRepresents the collection of ListItems on a List. List ListItem
NoteRepresents a note annotation.
OrderedListRepresents an ordered list.
OrderedListItemListRepresents a list of ordered items.
OrderedSubListRepresents the an ordered sub list.
PageNumberingLabelRepresents a page numbering label page element.
PathRepresents a path with sub paths.
RectangleRepresents a rectangle page element.
RotatingPageElementBase class from which rotating page elements are derived.
Row2Represents a row in a table.
Row2ListRepresents a list of Rows in a table.
SubListRepresents the SubList can be initialized on List .
SubListListRepresents the SubListList.
SubPathBase class from which all sub paths are defined.
SubPathListRepresents a collection of sub paths.
Table2Represents a table with rows, columns and cells.
TableExceptionThe exception that is thrown for a Table page element error.
TaggablePageElementBase class from which taggable page elements are derived.
TextAreaRepresents an area of text.
TextWatermarkRepresents a Text Watermark.
TransformationGroupRepresents a group of page elements to transform.
TransparencyGroupRepresents a group of page elements that will have transparency.
UnorderedListRepresents the unordered list.
UnorderedListItemListDescription of UnorderedListItemList.
UnorderedListStyleRepresents the UnorderedListStyle.
UnorderedSubListRepresents the UnorderedSubList.
WatermarkBase class from which TextWatermark and ImageWatermark are derived.


FormattedTextAreaStyle.FontStyleRepresents the style of a font.
FormattedTextAreaStyle.LineStyleRepresents the style of a line.
FormattedTextAreaStyle.ParagraphStyleRepresents the style of a paragraph.


IAnnotationDefines an annotation.
IAreaRepresents a contract defining an area.
ICoordinateRepresents a contract requiring an X and Y coordinate.
IListPropertiesRepresents the properties of the List and List item.
IPageElementContainerDefines a container of page elements.


AnchorToSpecifies the types of anchors.
LayoutGrid.GridTypeSpecifies the type of grid.
NoteTypeSpecifies a note type.
NumberingTypeSpecifies the numbering style.
RelativeToRepresents a page element's placement.
WatermarkPositionSpecifies the position of watermark.

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