Base class from which tag type classes are derived.

public abstract class TagType
Public MustInherit Class TagType

Inheritance: ObjectTagType

Derived: MarkedContentTagType, NamedTagType, StandardTagType

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This class is a full DynamicPDF Core Suite feature. One of the following is required for non-evaluation usage:


AnnotationGets the annotation tag type .
ArticleGets the article tag type .
BibliographyEntryGets the bibliography entry tag type .
BlockQuotationGets the block quotation tag type .
CaptionGets the caption tag type .
CodeGets the code tag type .
DivisionGets the division tag type .
DocumentGets the document tag type .
FigureGets the figure tag type .
FormGets the form tag type .
FormulaGets the fromula tag type .
HeadingGets the heading tag type .
HeadingLevel1Gets the heading level 1 tag type .
HeadingLevel2Gets the heading level 2 tag type .
HeadingLevel3Gets the heading level 3 tag type .
HeadingLevel4Gets the heading level 4 tag type .
HeadingLevel5Gets the heading level 5 tag type .
HeadingLevel6Gets the heading level 6 tag type .
HtmlGets the HTML tag type.
IndexGets the index tag type .
LabelGets the label tag type .
LinkGets the link tag type .
ListGets the list tag type .
ListBodyGets the list body tag type .
ListItemGets the list item tag type .
NonStructuralElementGets the nonstructural element tag type .
NoteGets the note tag type .
ParagraphGets the paragraph tag type .
PartGets the part tag type .
PrivateGets the private tag type .
QuotationGets the quotation tag type .
ReferenceGets the reference tag type .
RubyGets the ruby tag type .
SectionGets the section tag type .
SpanGets the span tag type .
TableGets the table tag type .
TableBodyRowGroupGets the table body row group tag type .
TableDataCellGets the table data cell tag type .
TableFooterRowGroupGets the table footer row group tag type .
TableHeaderGets the table header tag type .
TableHeaderRowGroupGets the table header row group tag type .
TableOfContentGets the table of contents tag type .
TableOfContentItemGets the table of contents item tag type .
TableRowGets the table row tag type .
WarichuGets the warichu tag type .


Equals(Object)Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object .
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GetHashCode()Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
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GetType()Gets the Type of the current instance.
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ToString()Returns a String that represents the current Object .
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