PdfAStandard Enum

Specifies a PDF/A Standard.

public enum PdfAStandard
Public Enum PdfAStandard

Inheritance: ObjectValueTypeEnumPdfAStandard


PdfAStandard.PdfA2a2Pdf/A standard 2a.
PdfAStandard.PdfA2b3Pdf/A standard 2b.
PdfAStandard.PdfA2u4Pdf/A standard 2u.
PdfAStandard.PdfA3a5Pdf/A standard 3a.
PdfAStandard.PdfA3b6Pdf/A standard 3b.
PdfAStandard.PdfA3u7Pdf/A standard 3u.
PdfAStandard.PDF_A_1a_20050Pdf/A standard 1a.
PdfAStandard.PDF_A_1b_20051Pdf/A standard 1b.

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This enum is a full DynamicPDF Core Suite feature. One of the following is required for non-evaluation usage:

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