ceTe.DynamicPDF.Xmp Namespace


BasicJobTicketSchemaClass represents XMP Basic Job Ticket Schema.
BasicSchemaClass represents the XMP Basic Schema.
DublinCoreSchemaClass represents the Dublin Core Schema.
PagedTextSchemaClass represents the XMP Paged-Text Schema.
PdfASchemaClass represents PdfA Schema.
PdfUASchemaThis class used to create PDF/UA version 1 documents.
RightsManagementSchemaClass represents the XMP Rights Management Schema.
XmpArrayClass represents the XMP array data type.
XmpCollectionThis class represents the base class for all the XMP data structures.
XmpDataTypeThis class represents the base class for all xmp data types.
XmpJobThis class represents the XMP job data structure.
XmpLangAltListThis class represents a language alternative, which is an array of type that has a language property qualifier.
XmpMetadataThis class represents the XMP metadata for a PDF document.
XmpSchemaRepresents the base class for all XMP schemas.
XmpThumbnailThis class represents the data structure for a thumbnail image for a file.
XmpWriterRepresents the writer for writing XMP metadata to a document.


CopyrightStatusThe type of Copyright Status to use.
PdfAStandardSpecifies a PDF/A Standard.

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