Report Flow

The DynamicPDF Core Suite Designer defines a general layout of the PDF report as a template, which is to be generated (saved as a DLEX file). This DLEX file is used by the DynamicPDF LayoutEngine to create the actual PDF report.

In the Designer you can:

  1. Set Page Heights, Widths and Margins
  2. Set Header and Footer Sections
  3. Add Elements to any Section    
  4. Include multiple Reports in a single Report
  5. Add static Pages before or after Reports

The Designer generates a template for the Report. This template is a DLEX file. The actual report is generated in the LayoutEngine as follows:

  1. A new Page is added to the PDF using the defined dimensions and margins specified in the DLEX file.
  2. The Header and Footer are placed on the Page.
  3. The Detail section (defined in the DLEX file) is then added for every record on the the RecordSet (see Figure 1 below).
  4. The report is complete if the end of the RecordSet is reached. Otherwise an additional Pages are added.
  5. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 until all records have been displayed.

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