DynamicPDF PrintManager For .NET

DynamicPDF PrintManager for .NET provides a fully functional evaluation edition downloadable at the DynamicPDF website or from NuGet. The following lists DynamicPDF PrintManager for .NET main features. This list is current as of February 2020 and is subject to change. For remaining questions, contact the DynamicPDF support team at support@dynamicpdf.com.

Feature Documentation
printing individual or multiple PDF documents in the same print job Simple Print, Multiple PDF Print
printing to any specified printer Printing to a Network Printer
printing to Microsoft fax service Send Fax
specifying fax cover page options Send Fax
specifying page ranges Advanced Printing
printing PDF documents from a byte array Print PDF Byte Array
monitoring print job status Handling Events
event management (Success, Failure, Update) Handling Events
optional annotation printing Print Options
color printing Print Options
collated printing Print Options
duplex printing Print Options
specifying paper trays
printing options, including: Scaling, Number of Copies, Orientation, Paper Size, Resolution, Horizontal and Vertical Alignment Print Options, Page Scaling, Print Job Resolution
specifying paper or media type Print Options
setting the output file name and redirect the printer output to the specified file Utilites
printing multiple pages per sheet Advanced Printing
adding borders to a page
PDF portfolio printing Advanced Printing
complete list of printers, including installed network printers Utilities
print priority Utilities
quality-based resolution setting Print Job Resolution
printing only the user-given area [a rectangle] of a page Advanced Printing

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