DynamicPDF Viewer for .NET - Feature Chart

Review the below feature chart to see the features that are included:

DynamicPDF Viewer for .NET Features
Display a PDF from File or Byte Array
Open a Password Protected/Encrypted PDF
Display Without Toolbars
Customize the Viewing Window
Display Form Field Content (Flattens Fields)
Navigate to specific Pages
Control Page Zoom and Viewable Area
Navigate Forward and Back
Retrieve Outlines (Bookmarks)
Search and Highlight Keywords
Print a PDF
Retrieve Document Permissions
Retrieve Page Count
Retrieve Document Properties (Title, Author, Keywords, etc.)
Retrieve the current View and retain it later
Able to track Pages and its position in display
Independent toolbar and bookmarks/navigation panel control.
Zoom to selected area (Marquee Zoom).
Change units of measurement.
Print selected area of a page.
Show/hide Viewer status bar.

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