Unable to connect to the service. Verify if the service is started.

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Good morning, we have been working to get our version of PDF Converter and MS Office in sync across our test and prod servers and now that we have them synced up with  Office 2016 32bit, we still have one server that seems to be failing with this message:

Unable to connect to the service. Verify if the service is started.

I have checked and the service is running normally, no issues. I tried restarting the service but no luck. Any ideas on what may be wrong? Where can I look to see what the true issue might be?

Thank you,
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator
Hello Michael,

The error message indicates that the DynamicPDF Converter isn't installed correctly on the system or that the DynamicPDF Converter service is not started.

Please follow the below steps and see it works for you.

1.        Uninstall the currently installed DynamicPDF Converter product (Right Click on the respective installer file >> Run as Admin >> Choose Remove option to uninstall).
2.        Make sure DynamicPDF Converter product is completely uninstalled from the system. Check the task manager >> Service tab (make sure the DynamicPDF Converter service is not registered).
3.        Reboot the system.
4.        Download the latest v2.0x DynamicPDF Converter installer from  our website here. Install the product (Right Click on the installer file >> Run as Admin).
5.        Run a code sample included with the product download.
6.        Try creating a simple Console application and using it to convert a simple text file and an image file (JPEG or PNG) to see it works for you.

ceTe Software Support Team
This issue was resolved by doing the following:

-Uninstall v2.0 from add/remove programs. NOTE; this did not remove the service and this was the problem.
-DELETE the service using SC DELETE "PDFConverter Service" in administrator command prompt window.
-Install v1.0 from installer.

Conclusion: there is a bug in your uninstaller that leaves remnants of the service despite all files being missing from the file structure.

Hope this helps others in the future.

Thank you,

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