Determine best page orientation based on source file width [.XLS (or others...)]

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Hey there,

I'm working with DynamicPDF Converter to bulk convert "unseen" files of various types. What I'd like to do is detect whether a file I'm inputting would be better suited for landscape or portrait orientation, then apply that option.

For example, if an Excel sheet is only 4 columns wide, it probably fits best with portrait orientation. But if it's 15 columns wide, landscape is more appropriate, to prevent  columns from being  wrapped to the next page.

I don't think there is a built in function? If not, how can I program this? Basically, a way to recognize if a conversion will require wrapping content to another page, or to "measure" how wide the source content is? Then the orientation setting could easily be conditionally set.

This isn't limited to Excel, but that one that's most important since it's a pain to match up rows of data across pages. Though I'd really like to do this with whatever file types are dropped that could come in a "wide" variety. Potentially PowerPoint presentation? Images? (But especially Excel!)

Thanks in advance!
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator
Hi Travis,

There is no option to detect the page orientation of the source in DynamicPDF Converter. Also, it is not possible to control the page breaks.

Please note that Excel uses locally installed default printer settings for applying page size and orientation to converted output.

ceTe Software Support team

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