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 Feb 10 2014 4:03 PM

How can you get the height of a FormattedTextArea before adding it to the actual page?

Right now i am doing this
Set objFormattedTextArea = objPage.AddFormattedTextArea( txt, x, y, w, h,FontFamily,FontSize)

I would like to create an instance in memory and then if i have enough space place it on the page.

Hopefully that makes sense.

 Feb 12 2014 12:20 PM
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator
Hello Adam,

It is not possible to create FormattedTextArea and other page element objects without adding it to a Page.

You can calculate the available space in the page before adding the FormattedTextArea and decide on adding the FormattedTextArea to current page or new page. In order to calculate the available space in the PDF page,  you will need to keep track of Y position and height of the page elements. Below is VB code sample to calculate the available space in the PDF page before adding the FormattedTextArea.

    Dim objDoc As DynamicPDF.Document
    Dim objPage As DynamicPDF.Page
    'Create Document object
    Set objDoc = New DynamicPDF.Document
    'Add a page to the document
    Set objPage = objDoc.AddPage()
    Dim MyText As String
    MyText = "This is a test of the functionality."
    MyText = MyText & MyText
    MyText = MyText & MyText
    Dim textAreaobj As DynamicPDF.TextArea
    Set textAreaobj = objPage.AddTextArea(MyText, 0, 0, 200, 200)
    textAreaobj.Height = textAreaobj.GetRequiredHeight()
    'Calculate the space avaible in the page.
    Dim pageHeight As Single
     pageHeight = objPage.pageHeight - (objPage.MarginTop + objPage.MarginBottom)
    Dim newYPosition As Single
     newYPosition = textAreaobj.Y + textAreaobj.Height + 5
    Dim availableSpace As Single
     availableSpace = pageHeight – newYPosition

    Dim MyFormattedText As String
    MyFormattedText = "<p>Formatted text area provide rich formatting support for " + _
        "text that appears in the document. You have complete control over 8 paragraph " + _
        "properties: spacing before, spacing after, first line indentation, left indentation,</p>"

    'Check for the desired available space to add the page element.
    If availableSpace > 100 Then
        Dim MyFormattedTextArea As DynamicPDF.FormattedTextArea
        Set MyFormattedTextArea = objPage.AddFormattedTextArea(MyFormattedText, 0, newYPosition, 256, availableSpace, DPDF_FontFamily_Helvetica, 12, False)

        'Add the FormattedTextArea to new page.
        Dim objNewPage As DynamicPDF.Page
        Set objNewPage = objDoc.AddPage()
        Dim MyNewFormattedTextArea As DynamicPDF.FormattedTextArea
       Set MyFormattedTextArea = objNewPage.AddFormattedTextArea(MyFormattedText, 0, 0, 256, 200, DPDF_FontFamily_Helvetica, 12, False)
       MyNewFormattedTextArea.Height = MyNewFormattedTextArea.GetRequiredHeight()
    End If
    'Save the file to disk in same folder as the app
    objDoc.DrawToFile ("C:\MyDocument.pdf")

ceTe Software Support Team.

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