Duplicate Invoice Output

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 Aug 28 2018 2:07 PM
using the cete.DynamicPDF designer and ceTe.DynamicPDF.ReportWriter and a dplx template to build an invoice PDF receipt, I created a subreport with an embedded query. when i run the below command
 var reportParms = new ParameterDictionary();
            reportParms.Add("InvoiceNumber", invoiceID);
            reportParms.Add("Id", Id);

            Document document = report.Run(reportParms);
            var fileContent = document.Draw();

I get duplicate invoice. with the same data showing up on multiple page, to be precise it is showing the same data on page 1 and 2.  don't know what i am doing wrong
 Aug 28 2018 2:26 PM
Found My error sub Query returned duplicate data hence it perform the task twice hence the duplicate result.

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