DrawToASP not working in IE

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 May 18 2010 8:05 PM
We have some legacy code that requires 2.6 of Generator.  We just pushed out a server with the exact same configuration of the previous server (IIS 6/Windows 2003).  Using the DrawToWeb method, nothing displays in IE7/8.  everything works fine in all other browsers.  As a curiosity, I tried IE 6, which resulted in the old "The file could not be written to cache error" even though we're not attempting to expire the cache.  We tried it on the old server and all's well with IE7/8 and other browsers.

I can't wrap my head around the fact that the same workstation hitting one web server running the same code and version works with all browsers on one system and not IE7/8 on another (seemingly) duplicate server.
 May 18 2010 8:12 PM
Here's the code if it helps:

        Set objDoc = Server.CreateObject("DPDF_Gen.Document")
        objDoc.Creator = "DigitalMailer"
        objDoc.Author = "DigitalMailer"
        objDoc.Title = "Test"
        objDoc.DefaultMarginLeft = pageLeftMargin

        Do Until rs.EOF
                'Add a page to the document
                Set objPage = objDoc.AddPage()
                If blnUseTemplate Then
                        Set objImage = objPage.AddImage(Server.MapPath("templates\" & Session("clientid") & ".jpg"), templatePosX, templatePosY, templateImageScale)
                        objImage.KeepProportions = False
                        objImage.Height = templateHeightPx
                        objImage.Width = templateWidthPx
                End If
                'Add a textarea to the page
                objPage.AddTextArea rs.Fields("statementpage").Value, textPosX, textPosY, textWidthPx, textHeightPx, DPDF_Align_Left, textFontFace, textFontSizePt
        ' Finished with RS/connection
        Set rs = Nothing

        Set conn = Nothing

        'Draw the Document to the Browser
        objDoc.InitialZoom = DPDF_Zoom_FitWidth

        Set objPage = Nothing
        Set objDoc = Nothing          
 May 19 2010 9:18 AM
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator

Are you using the DrawToWeb method? What exact version of our product are you using? We do not have the DrawToWeb method in the v2.6 of our product.

If you are not seeing the PDF document in some browsers or systems when using the DrwaToASP method, this might be because of some stray HTML. Please try adding the Response.End() line right after the DrawToASP method call and see if it solves the problem. Also please send over the saved PDF using the DrawToFile method instead of the DrawToASP method to our Support Team so that they can look into it further.

ceTe Software Support Team.

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