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Is there any option in AddPageNumberingLabel("Page %%CP%% of %%TP%%", 230, 825, 80, 20)

to display page number like     ( page 1 of 10  صفحة )
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator
The version 4 DynamicPDF for COM does not support adding Arabic text to the PDF. We have included this feature in latest v10 DynamicPDF product. You will need to use an OTF or TTF font file which supports Arabic language text. Create a OpenTypeFont object using this font and enable the character shaping feature, set this font object to the PageNumberingLabel.  You can refer to the documentation on character shaping here. Below is the ASP code sample.
<!-- METADATA TYPE="typelib" UUID="{DF9225FE-94A4-490D-8CAD-E8366CE621D3}"-->
Dim MyDocument, MyPage, MyLanLabel
Set MyDocument = Server.CreateObject( "DynamicPDF.Document" )
Dim UnicodeFont1
UnicodeFont1 = MyDocument.AddFont("OTF or TTF font file path",True, True, True)
Set MyPage = MyDocument.AddPage()
Dim Pg1
Set Pg1 = MyPage.AddPageNumberingLabel("Page %%CP%% OF %%TP%% ArabicText", 300, 40, 220, 40)
Pg1.Font = UnicodeFont1
Set MyPage = Nothing
Set MyDocument = Nothing
End Sub
Feel free to download the fully functional evaluation edition of v10 DynamicPDF for COM/ActiveX here. Also refer to the code samples included with the download.
ceTe Software Support Team

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