pdf document creation in shared drive

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 We have a jsp program and it invokes a java code to generate a pdf in a specified path.

It creates a pdf document if the path is C:(i.e local drive) however it does not create if the path is shared network drive.
The shared network drive is configured as S:

But the same code in different machine generates a pdf in shared drive(i.e S:) also.
both machines are using the same configurations.


Operating system : MS WINDOWS SERVER
JDK version      : JDK 1.3

Can you please help us

Posted by a ceTe Software moderator

It is possible to save the PDF document in a network path without any problem. Please make sure that you have permission to access the network path you are using. Also please make sure that you are using the same build files of our product in both the machines.

Please try using the latest build of our product downloading from our CustomerArea by logging in using your current serial number. Are you using the same JDK in both the machines? The recommended version of JDK is v1.4.2 and higher.

Please be more specific about the problem you are getting, are you getting any error? If so please provide the full stack trace of the error so that we can look into it. You can send this information to our Support Team.

ceTe Software Support Team.

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