retrieve bookmarks and their associated page numbers

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We are trying to retrieve bookmarks and their associated page numbers.
We tried using the below code as per dev forum suggestion.

PdfDocument pdf = new PdfDocument("F:/temporary/AllPageElements.pdf");
MergeDocument doc=new MergeDocument(pdf);
int pagenumer = pdf.getOutlines().getPdfOutline(0).getTargetPageNumber();
String name = pdf.getOutlines().getPdfOutline(0).getText();

But doesn't seem to even compile. We get "The method getOutlines() is undefined for tyep PdfDocument"
The license we are using is "DynamicPDF Merger v5.0 for Java Enterprise Server License"

Could you please let us know any alternative way retrieve bookmarks and their associated page numbers.

Posted by a ceTe Software moderator
Hello Siva,

Can you please contact the Support Team so we can email you a link to download the latest version 5 DynamicPDF jar file which supports the getOutlines() method? Also let us know which version you would need windows or unix.

ceTe Software Support Team.

Now we are able to get the Bookmarks and Page Number.
But while we are merging pdf's using DynamicPDF.jar.
We are getting watermarks on PDF's.We have got a license for this product.Kindly reply me,why we are getting and how to remove the watermarks.Code we are using is
        MergeDocument mergeDocument = new MergeDocument(
                "D:\\Sekkappan\\Software\\Dynamic PDF\\DynamicPDF_ForJava501_12733_Nix\\ceTeSoftware\\examples\\Merger\\pdfs\\DocumentA.pdf");
                .append("D:\\Sekkappan\\Software\\Dynamic PDF\\DynamicPDF_ForJava501_12733_Nix\\ceTeSoftware\\examples\\Merger\\pdfs\\DocumentB.pdf");
        .append("D:\\Sekkappan\\Software\\Dynamic PDF\\DynamicPDF_ForJava501_12733_Nix\\ceTeSoftware\\examples\\Merger\\pdfs\\DocumentC.pdf");
         mergeDocument.draw("D:\\Sekkappan\\Software\\Dynamic PDF\\DynamicPDF_ForJava501_12733_Nix\\ceTeSoftware\\examples\\Merger\\pdfs\\DocumentM.pdf");   
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator

Please make sure that you are generating license key for your server where in you are running the application and using the respective license key in the application.

You can generate license key for your server by logging to the Customer Area
 using your Maintenance serial number. Click on the product serial number link. Accept the licensing terms and conditions then click on the Next button. Click on the View License Key button and this will generate a license key for your server and you will have to use this license key in your application. You can also refer the instructions on adding license key in our CustomerArea.

You can also get the watermark if you are using any feature that is outside the scope of the edition you bought. Please send an email to the Post Reply EMail Alerts

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