Evaluating unlicensed DynamicPDF feature [4:0:s3]

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I'm using a DynamicPDF Merger v3.0 for .NET Standard Server License and i'm getting de next message when i do a merge of documents: Evaluating unlicensed DynamicPDF feature [4:0:s3].

Can you help me to figure out what it means? I've been searching on internet to find the solution, but there's no one with the same error code.

Thank you
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator

The numbers string [4:0:s3] indicates that the license is invalid as the server's computer name you have entered while generating the license key is not correct. The server based licensing is dependent on server's computer name and not the domain name. Please follow the instructions below to create a license key with the correct computer name.

Your server's computer name can be found on the "Computer Name" tab of your system's System Properties window. The computer name is the first portion (before the period) of its full computer name (i.e. "SRV22" is the computer name for the full computer name "SRV22.company.com"). Please make sure that you are using the correct license key in your application.

To generate new license key for your server log into our CustomerArea using your version 3 product serial number enter the correct computer name of your server and click on the Create License Key button. This will open a page having the license key for your server and instructions to add the license key to the application.

Please do not share your licensing information like DynamicPDF license key or DynamicPDF product serial number on our public forums.

ceTe Software Support Team.

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