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 Oct 28 2016 1:45 PM
We are facing an issue with pages curling on early portions of a print job that we have not seen before.  The issue only occurs when we send multiple PDF documents in a single print job and only if the are more than 30 pages  in the print job.  We have tested printing a single print job of a single PDF with more than 100 pages using the same code, however all of the pages print fine in this scenario.

We are using a high volume Konica Minolta 958 Printer.  The code that we are using is pasted below:

public void Print() {
     printJob = new PrintJob(PrinterName);

     printJob.PrintOptions.Scaling = new AutoPageScaling();
     printJob.PrintOptions.DuplexMode = DuplexMode.DuplexVertical;
     printJob.DocumentName = jobName;

     printJob.Succeeded += printJobSucceeded;
     printJob.Failed += printJobFailed;

     foreach (string file in Files) {
          if (printJob.Pages.Count % 2 != 0) {


private void printJobSucceeded(object sender, PrintJobEventArgs e) {
     var args = new PrintCompletedEventArgs();

     jobSuccess = true;

     args.Status = Enums.PrintCompletedStatus.Successful;
     OnPrintCompleted(this, args);

private void printJobFailed(object sender, PrintJobFailedEventArgs e) {
     var args = new PrintCompletedEventArgs();

     jobSuccess = false;

     args.Status = Enums.PrintCompletedStatus.Successful;
     OnPrintCompleted(this, args);

protected void OnPrintCompleted(object sender, PrintCompletedEventArgs data) {
     // Check if there are any Subscribers
     PrintCompleted?.Invoke(this, data);

printJob is a private variable of type PrintJob.  jobName is a private variable of type string.  Please let me know if you have any insight as to why the print command could cause any type of paper curling which ultimately leads to jamming the printer when multiple PDFs have been added to the print job.

Thanks in advance,
 Oct 28 2016 4:07 PM
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator
Hello Tyler,

PrintManager is built on top of the Windows print API and the print job is created as per the Windows print specification. Regardless of whether you add multiple PDFs or a single PDF with multiple pages, the PrintJob object is created the same way. PrintManager just sends the job to the Windows print spooler/queue and from then on Windows print spooler takes over and sends the job to the printer and returns the job status back to the PrintManager. There is nothing in our product that would cause the printer to curl the paper. This seems more like an issue with the printer and/or the paper stock or due to some other factor altogether.

ceTe Software Support Team.

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