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 Aug 06 2019 11:57 PM

I have a requirement to Print multiple PDF files with multiples pages with Collation when the count is more than one.
For Example I have three PDFs with 3 pages each
With Collation I need to print first page 3 times then second page 3 times and third page 3 times. I tried the following code but did not work

PrintJob printJob = new PrintJob(Printer.Default);

            printJob.PrintOptions.Copies = 2;
            printJob.PrintOptions.Collate = true;


Please let me know what can be done to achieve this

Thanks And With Regards
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator
Hello Partha,
By default, the collate property is set to true and when you print  a PDF (having three pages) two copies it will be printed as 123 and 123. If you would like to print it as 111,222 and 333 then you will need to set the Collate property to false. Below is a line of code for setting collate property to false.
ceTe Software Support Team

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