Printing pdf with codebar is crooked

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 Jul 19 2022 3:19 AM
I have trouble printing pdf with codebar that is not straight.
Is there a setting that can be modified to improve codebar print quality?

Thank you!
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator

Please send over the following information to so we can look into it further.

1. Code sample or simple console application which uses static data to recreate the behavior.
2. Source PDF used for printing.
3. Are you seeing this behavior on a specific printer or an all printers?
4. Printer information on which you are facing an issue: Name, printer driver version.  Please provide a link to download specific printer driver so we can test it with that specific driver.
5. Exact version and build number of the DynamicPDF PrintManager for .NET product used in your application. You can find this information by right clicking on the DLL file>>Properties>>Details tab>>Product version. Take a screenshot of Details tab and send it over to us.
6. Photo of printer output (To understand the behavior).

ceTe Software Support Team

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