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 Oct 24 2019 3:18 PM
I have a class library that is called from a console application.  The app.config in the library has the appSettings set as:

    <add key="ceTe.LicenseKey" value="[KeyRemoved]"/><!-- production -->
    <add key="ceTe.LicenseKey.2" value="[KeyRemoved]"/> <!-- developer machine -->

When a console application compiles it compiles the config into [AssemblyName].dll.exe.config and I can verify that the app settings are present with the correct licnese keys.  However, the printed output will still have a watermark.

I can get around this by specifically adding the line of code to AddLicense, but this means that code will need to be changed as we deploy from test.  I noticed in the examples provided, it specifically stated web.config.   Does the config setting only work with a file named "web.config"  or am I missing something?

Thank you,
 Oct 25 2019 9:10 AM
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator
Hello Bobby,

You can add the license keys to the app.config file of your Console application, though only if the EXE will be staying within your organization. You will need to add the license key to the correct .config file of the application where in the PDFs are being created or merged.

If you continue to have issues, please send over the following information so we can look into it further.

1.Exact watermark  numbers [x:x:x:x] displayed on the output PDF.
2.Version and build number of the DynamicPDF DLL file used in the application. You can get this information in DLL references properties (Version and Description fields) in Visual Studio.
ceTe Software Support Team

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