Exception of type 'ceTe.DynamicPDF.Rasterizer.PdfRasterizerException' was thrown.

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i use in my project DynamicPDF.Rasterizer but in my localHost works perfect, but in IIS doesn´t works

the issue is

Exception of type 'ceTe.DynamicPDF.Rasterizer.PdfRasterizerException' was thrown.

 use net core 3.1
installa C++ redistribuible
but doesn´t work

Posted by a ceTe Software moderator

Please make sure you are using v3.15 or later. There are some bug fixes that may resolve this issue. If you continue to have issues after updating to v3.15 or later,  please send over following information to support@dynamicpdf.com so we can look into it further.

1. Simple application that uses static data to recreate the error.
2.  Steps to recreate the error.
3. Full error message along with stack trace.
4. Exact version and build number of the DynamicPDF Rasterizer DLL used in your application. You can find this information by right clicking on the DLL file>>Properties>>Details tab>>Product version. Take a screenshot of Details tab and send it over to us.

Please include a link for this forum in your email to support.

ceTe Software Support Team
Hiii we fixed
but it is very silly, the save the document in a folder name temp, but when i publish in IIS the folder doesnt exists, so thats the error.
i create in IIS the folder and fixed.

thanks and regards

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