Version 3.X (Latest Build v3.09)
   New Features
  • Reads license key from the web.config or app.config files. (v3.09)
  • Added options to print active sheets and visible sheets using ConvertOnlyActiveSheet and ConvertOnlyVisibleSheets properties. (v3.08)
  • Added a new property "IgnorePrintAreas" to allow ignoring the print area setting from excel sheet while converting to PDF. (v3.08)
  • Optional Windows service is provided to use if the application is running under user accounts with restricted access. (v3.03)
  • The Windows service (present in v1 and v2) is no longer required. (v3.02)
  • Supports .NET Framework 4.6.1 & .NET Standard2.0/.NET Core 2.0 and above. (v3.02)
  • Added support to cancel conversions using CancellationToken. (v3.02)
  • Ability to release the HTML Conversion resources using ReleaseResources method. (v3.02)
  • Performance & stability improvements. (v3.02)
   Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a "COMException: Document not saved. The document may be open, or an error may have been encountered when saving" exception caused when converting a specific Excel file to PDF. (v3.08)
  • Fixed an issue with the missing images when converting a htm file from a network path. (v3.08)
  • Fixed an issue with using Append parameter in ConverterOptions that occurs when converting images to PDF. (v3.08)
  • Added ChromiumProcessPath property to set the chromium path if needed (v3.07)
  • Fixed a FileNotFoundException caused when converting a specific Excel file to PDF. (v3.05)
  • Fixed an issue that creates 1x1 inch size pages by defaut when converting PowerPoint files to PDF. (v3.04)
  • Resolved a conversion hanging issue caused by the dialog boxes coming from office documents. (v3.02)
  • Fixed an issue with page numbering in footer when converting word documents. (v3.02)

v3.02 is compatible with v2.04. However, there are some deprecated/removed members that needs some code changes. Listed below are the items that were deprecated/removed in v3.04 and their suggested replacements:

  • Added Enum PaperKind to replace the System.Drawing.Printing.PaperKind in the Conversion Options classes. (v3.02)
  • Added CancellationToken property to the Converter classes to cancel the conversions. (v3.02)
  • Classes AsyncConversion, AsyncConverter are deprecated and its suggested to use new ConvertAsync or ConvertHtmlStringAsync methods to do the asyncronous conversions. (v3.02)
  • Removed Converter.ConvertHtmlStringToWeb method, write the PDF byte data to browser using Response object instead. (v3.02)
  • Removed Converter.ConvertToWeb, write the PDF byte data to browser using Response object instead. (v3.02)
  • Removed PdfConversionPage Class, write the PDF byte data to browser using Response object instead. (v3.02)
  • Removed ConverterException Class. (v3.02)
  • Removed AbortConversion method, use CancellationToken instead. (v3.02)
   Version 2.X (Latest Build v2.04)
   New Features
  • Added detailed logging information to troubleshoot Excel conversions. (v2.04)
  • Performance & stability improvements. (v2.04)
  • Reduced the wait time to process the protected Office documents. (v2.04)
  • Excel conversions will continue without waiting for recalculation when it is not happening. (v2.04)
  • Optimized usage of CPU and Memory in multithreaded environment. (v2.03)
  • Stability and performance improvements. (v2.02)
  • CSV file conversions use Excel if installed to give a tabular data format. (v2.02)
  • No longer requires a printer driver for most conversion types. (v2.00)
  • New Chromium based HTML conversion engine to improve HTML to PDF conversion. (v2.00)
  • Added new file type specific conversion options and converter classes for advanced options. (v2.00)
  • Added new events for better feedback on a conversion progress. (v2.00)
  • Stability & efficiency improvements. (v2.00)
   Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a "System.NullReferenceException" caused when converting a specific excel file. (v2.04)
  • Throwing a suitable exception when a corrupt image is being converted instead of "System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException" that was thrown earlier. (v2.04)
  • Resolved an issue with conversion hanging when there is a "Name Conflict" dialog in Excel file. (v2.04)
  • Fixed "The Directory is not Empty" error caused when converting some MS Office files to PDF in Multithreaded environment. (v2.03)
  • Fixed an issue with the Converter service being stopped intermittently after some conversions. (v2.02)
  • Fixed an issue with cleaning temp files after power point file conversions. (v2.02)
  • Resolved an issue with the installer not being successful in some cases when a higher version of Redistributable is already present in the machine. (v2.01)

v2.00 is compatible with v1.1. All code written against v1.1 will compile against v2.00.

   Version 1.X (Latest Build v1.1.0.38276)
   New Features
  • The DynamicPDF Converter service no longer requires interactive services. (v1.1.0 Build 38276)
  • HTML Conversion is now using a Chromium based engine. IE is no longer required for HTML and XML conversions. (v1.1.0 Build 38178)
   Bug Fixes
  • Resolved an issue with the installer not being successful in some cases when v1.0 was previously installed. (v1.1.0 Build 38262)
  • Resolved an issue with the installer not installing a depedancy in some cases. (v1.1.0 Build 38178)
  • Fixed an RTF conversion issue. (v1.1.0 Build 38178)
  • Fixed a bug that is causing the Converter to not respond intermittently after converting several documents. (v1.0.1 Build 37380)
  • Resolved an issue where the output PDFs are created with incorrect syntax. (v1.0.1 Build 36785)
  • Issue where certain PDFs are not getting saved is fixed. (v1.0.1 Build 36785)
  • New excel conversion options are implemented to allow for active sheet conversion. (v1.0.1 Build 36785)
  • Fixed an issue where mixing HTML conversions with any other types causes orphaned converter processes. (v1.0.1 Build 36785)
  • Fixed a couple of issues related to MS Office files not rendering correctly in PDF format. (v1.0.1 Build 33698)
  • Converter will now throw an exception when password protected MS Office documents are sent for conversion. (v1.0.1 Build 33698)
  • Fixed an issue where HTML conversions are hanging on 64-bit Windows 10 and Windows 2016. (v1.0.1 Build 33698)
  • Exception while converting Excel file to PDF has been fixed. (v1.0.1 Build 30555)
  • Fixed an issue where HTML to PDF conversion is not completing. (v1.0.1 Build 30555)
  • Optimized code for file type identification. (v1.0.1 Build 30555)
  • Fixed a system crash issue when converting Word documents to PDF. (v1.0.1 Build 30555)
  • Resolved an exception when setting a page size in conversion options. (v1.0.1 Build 30555)
  • Fixed the HTML conversion issue on 64-bit editions of Windows 2012, Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1. (v1.0.1 Build 28350)
  • Default value of ConversionsPerProcess setting for Converter Windows Service has been changed from 1000 to 1. (v1.0.1 Build 28350)
  • Resolved an issue with PDF contents not splitting correctly between pages. (v1.0.1 Build 28203)
  • Fixed an issue where certain word documents are preventing the conversion from proceeding further. (v1.0.1 Build 28203)
  • Resolved an HTML conversion issue where some PDFs are incorrectly generated. (v1.0.1 Build 28203)
  • Exception when converting certain csv documents is resolved. (v1.0.1 Build 26894)
  • Fixed several MS Word document specific issues that cause the conversion to hang. (v1.0.1 Build 26894)
  • Exceptions caused while converting certain Excel documents are fixed. (v1.0.1 Build 26894)
  • Resolved an issue where the conversion temp files are not getting deleted. (v1.0.1 Build 26894)
  • Excel conversion text overlap bug is resolved. (v1.0.1 Build 26894)
  • Resolved the conversion hanging when converting password protected MS Office documents by throwing an exception notifying that a password is required for conversion. (v1.0.1 Build 26894)
  • Appropriate exception is thrown when converting corrupt excel documents. (v1.0.1 Build 26894)
  • Error while converting text files with Unicode text is resolved. (v1.0.1 Build 26894)
  • Resolved an access denied exception that is caused when converting files located on network drive with read-only permission. (v1.0.1 Build 26894)
  • Fixed an issue where the charts in Excel file are not getting converted. (v1.0.1 Build 26894)
  • Several HTML conversion issues are fixed. (v1.0.1 Build 26894)
  • Fixed a few MS Office document formatting and page scaling issues. (v1.0.1 Build 26894)
  • Some excel conversion errors are resolved. (v1.0.0 Build 23695)
  • Resolved an issue where the file conversions are adding blank pages to the output pdf. (v1.0.0 Build 23695)
  • Fixed the incorrect print margin issue with converting certain excel files. (v1.0.0 Build 23695)
  • Missing text issue during HTML to PDF conversion is fixed. (v1.0.0 Build 23695)
  • Resolved an issue with multi-threaded power point conversions (v1.0.0 Build 23695)
  • Fixed an issue with concurrent conversion of word files. (v1.0.0 Build 21812)
  • Resolved the https webpage conversion exception. (v1.0.0 Build 21812)
  • Fixed some HTML conversion issues with div tag and table background. (v1.0.0 Build 21812)
  • Fixed an issue where the PDF generated did not match the EMF file converted. (v1.0.0 Build 21812)
  • Multi-page text file partial conversion issue is fixed. (v1.0.0 Build 21812)
  • Fixed several word file conversion issues. (v1.0.0 Build 21812)
  • Fixed an issue where the MS Office conversion temporary files are not getting deleted. (v1.0.0 Build 21812)
  • Resolved a memory leak when images are converted with conversion options. (v1.0.0 Build 21812)
  • Fixed an issue with image conversions where the output is generated with horizontal lines. (v1.0.0 Build 21812)
  • Fixed the issue with word document conversion where the signature is not preserved. (v1.0.0 Build 21812)
  • Resolved a bug where the HTML conversion options are being ignored. (v1.0.0 Build 21812)
  • Resolved an issue with HTML conversions where a blank page is added in the PDF output. (v1.0.0 Build 20188)
  • Fixed an issue with asynchronous text file conversions in Windows 2008 R2 server. (v1.0.0 Build 20188)
  • Resolved an issue with the Windows event log error when the Converter service is started. (v1.0.0 Build 20188)
  • Fixed a Converter print queue issue in which the print jobs were not being cleared after successful conversion. (v1.0.0 Build 20188)
  • Fixed an issue with output file permissions. (v1.0.0 Build 20188)
  • HTML conversion issue with certain HTML/CSS tags has been resolved. (v1.0.0 Build 20188)
  • Fixed an error caused due to abnormally large page size settings. (v1.0.0 Build 19383)
  • Fixed an issue with MS Word conversion where the process hangs due to MS Word pop-up. (v1.0.0 Build 19383)
  • Fixed an issue with HTML conversion where some Unicode characters are not appearing properly on the output PDF. (v1.0.0 Build 19383)
  • Fixed an issue with TIFF file conversion where some TIFF files are not producing a valid PDF output. (v1.0.0 Build 19383)
  • Fixed an issue with HTML conversion hanging on Win 2003 64-bit machine. (v1.0.0 Build 19383)
  • Fixed an issue where the TIFF file conversion was not working for certain multi-page TIFFs. (v1.0.0 Build 19383)
  • Fix for bypassing MS PowerPoint dialog box holding up the ppt file conversion. (v1.0.0 Build 19383)
  • Fixed an issue regarding HTML table page break property. (v1.0.0 Build 19383)
  • Updated help documentation. (v1.0.0 Build 19383)
  • Added support for handling Excel "Page Break" dialogs. (v1.0.0 Build 16947)
  • Added support for handling Word "Show Repairs" dialogs. (v1.0.0 Build 16947)
  • Updated help documentation. (v1.0.0 Build 16947)
  • Fixed an issue with Append module in x64 build. (v1.0.0 Build 16597)
  • Fixed an issue with Temp folder not getting deleted when using the AsyncConverter ConvertHtmlString method. (v1.0.0 Build 16597)
  • Updated help documentation. (v1.0.0 Build 16597)
  • Added an assembly targeting the .NET Framework 4.0. (v1.0.0 Build 16128)
  • Fixed an issue with conversion crashing when URL length is more than 1000 chars. (v1.0.0 Build 16128)
  • Fixed an issue title taking more than 40 chars when left to default. (v1.0.0 Build 16128)
  • Increased Named Pipe buffer from 2k to 12k. (v1.0.0 Build 16128)
  • Added support for logging conversion errors. (v1.0.0 Build 16128)
  • Updated help documentation. (v1.0.0 Build 16128)

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