Version 2.X (Latest Build v2.02)
   New Features
  • Uses locally installed MS Edge/Chromium by default. (v2.01)
  • Allows setting chromium path without using the defaults. (v2.01)
   Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with running output files published using the PublishSingleFile option. (v2.02)
  • Performance improvements. (v2.01)

v2.01 is compatible with v1.0. All code written against v1 will compile against v2.

   Version 1.X (Latest Build v1.16)
   New Features
  • Updated the internal chromium to v119.0.6045.0. (v1.15)
  • Supports loading HTML with a delay. (v1.12)
  • Parameters of the ConversionOptions constructor are made optional. (v1.09)
  • Supports server based licensing. (v1.08)
  • Added ChromiumProcessArgs property to pass any browser specific arguments. (v1.05)
  • The Namespace is changed from DynamicPDF.HtmlConverter to ceTe.DynamicPDF.HtmlConverter. (v1.02)
  • Added header and footer support (v1.01)
  • Height, Width and Margins will be in Points. (v1.00)
  • Added support to work with Windows forms. (v1.00)
  • Added support to release the unused resources on demand. (v1.00)
  • Added Linux resources as a seperate package : ceTe.DynamicPDF.HtmlConverter.NET.Resources.Linux (v1.00)
  • Added Support to Linux x64 platform (v1.00)
  • Added Support to return Byte array of the output PDF (v1.00)
  • Added support for html string as source for conversion (v1.00)
  • Initial release to convert HTML to PDF (v1.00)
   Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue in converting large HTML texts. (v1.16)
  • Fixed an issue with the default values used internally. (v1.14)
  • Fixed a FileNotFoundException that occurs on an intermediate temp file. (v1.14)
  • Fixed an "empty content" error when converting a specific HTML files to PDF. (v1.14)
  • Resolved an issue occurring during simultaneous conversion from multiple websites on a single IIS server. (v1.13)
  • Fixed an error that occurs when using the locally installed Chromium by setting ChromiumProcessPath property. (v1.11)
  • Fixed an issue with releasing the resources. (v1.10)
  • Updated error messages and error handling. (v1.07)
  • Fixed an issue that causes the error "response was not received". (v1.07)
  • Performance & stability improvements. (v1.07)
  • Dll Name Changed. (v1.07)
  • Fixed an issue with parallel convertions in a container environment that causes the application to hang. (v1.06)
  • Fixed few issues with styles and formatting of HTML. (v1.04)
  • Fixed an issue with displaying images using the basepath. (v1.03)
  • Fixed few issues with styles and formatting of HTML. (v1.03)
  • Fixed an issue with header and footer text. (v1.02)
  • Resolved an intermittent issue caused by a subprocess to not being found. (v1.02)
  • Fixed an issue with closing the chromium process when an unhandled exception occurs. (v1.00)
  • Fixed an issue with zoom value being ignored (v1.00)

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