Represents the writer for writing XMP metadata to a document.

public class XmpWriter
Public Class XmpWriter

Inheritance: ObjectXmpWriter

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This class is a full DynamicPDF Core Suite feature. One of the following is required for non-evaluation usage:


XmpWriter(DocumentWriter)Initializes a new instance of the XmpWriter class.


AuthorGets the authors of the resource.
DateGets the date that the resource was originally created.
KeywordsGets the keywords that specify the topic of the content of the resource.
PdfVersionGets the PDF version of the PDF document.
ProducerGets the name of the tool that created the PDF document.
TitleGets the document title of the resource.
TotalPagesGets the number of pages in the document (including any in contained documents).


BeginDescription()Writes the RDF description.
BeginDescription(String, String)Writes the RDF description for a given schema.
BeginDescription(String, String, String)Writes the RDF description for a given schema.
Draw(Boolean)Writes the boolean value to the XMP Packet.
Draw(DateTime)Writes the given date to the XMP Packet in W3C recommended date format.
Draw(DocumentWriter)Draws the XMP contents buffer to the given DocumentWriter object.
Draw(String)Writes the given value to the XMP Packet.
EndDescription()Writes the end of RDF description.
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