AcroForms Overview

When merging, a form's fields can be completed, the form flattened, form fields removed, existing values from a form field read, and the locations of form fields determined. When merging PDFs, there are also options for modifying pre-existing AcroForms. These topics are covered in the following documentation pages.

Topic Description
Form Filling Discusses merging form field values, using AcroForm field values, reorganized AcroForm fields, and FDF files.
Form Flattening Discussed using flattening a form - remove all form field structures from the document and replacing them with their values.
Removing Form Fields Discusses removing form fields from a PDF.
Reading Form Fields Values Shows how to read the values of AcroForm fields from an existing PDF using the Form property of the MergeDocumnt class.
Retrieving Form Field Locations Discusses retrieving the X and Y coordinates of a form field.
Marking Form Fields as Read Only Shows how to mark form fields as read only so they cannot be modified once set.

These topics discuss working with a pre-existing form. Refer to the Interactive Forms topic for documentation on creating a form.

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