The Placeholder element maintains the location on a page that is subsequently filled in at runtime by a particular Page element. Add placeholders to any report section (i.e. Header, Detail or Footer). The Placeholder report element appears as a rectangle with dotted borders and two diagonal lines joining the corners of the rectangle. The Placeholder element is useful for instance if you wanted to place a dynamic image or barcode on the PDF.  In this case you would simply place a Placeholder on the page at the location required by the dynamic Image or barcode. At runtime you would fill in the placeholder using its LaidOut event.

To add a Placeholder, select the Placeholder element under the Toolbox and place it at the desired page location. Resize or reposition the Placeholder using your mouse, manually changing the values in the properties window, or by programmatically changing the Placeholder values.


The Placeholder element has the following properties.

Properties Description
Id A value indicating the programmatic identifier of the Placeholder.
Height A value indicating the height of the Placeholder.
Width A value indicating the width of the Placeholder.
X A value indicating the X coordinate of the Placeholder.
Y A value indicating the Y coordinate of the Placeholder.

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